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Luvata in Brief

You probably can't look more than 100 metres in any direction without seeing something Luvata has added value to.


Luvata has played a vital part in improving end-products and the way they’re made in almost every aspect of modern life


  • Heat exchangers and coolers for climate control, refrigeration, processes and industry
  • High-performance tubes for Air-Con, refrigeration and telecoms
  • Resistance-welding technology for the most efficient automotive production lines in operation
  • Superconductors for the cutting-edge of science from MRI scanners to space-age research and energy generation for the future of the planet
  • Switchgear, bus bars and power technology for the process, power and offshore industries
  • Supplier of the purest, most conductive oxygen-free copper products in the world
  • State-of-the-art electronic technology from anodising to on-board circuit coolers
  • Energy solutions from solar panels to the core of the most popular electronic batteries
  • Metal parts for consumer products such as guitar strings and zippers for jeans
  • and, of course, some of the most important and advanced production technology in the world.

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