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CO2 Solutions

As companies move away from HFC refrigerants, Luvata can help.

A strong proponent for using natural refrigerants, Luvata understands the challenges of next generation refrigerants. 

We understand the pressure our customers are under for cost savings in making the transition to CO2 or other natural refrigerants. 

We offer high performance, high strength tube, with or without enhanced tube surfaces, in a variety of alloys to produce the best heat transfer results possible.  

CO2 or natural refrigerant solutions

  • UNILLOY® - high strength ACR tube
  • Herringbone Crosshatch™ (2V-XH™) - high performance tube
  • UNILITE® - high performance tube with raw material cost savings

Product Brochures

2VXH Datasheet

2VXH Datasheet
High Performance Tube

pdf, 1312 kb
UNILITE Datasheet

UNILITE Datasheet
Tube designs address
raw material cost
pdf, 1242 kb
UNILLOY Datasheet

UNILLOY Datasheet
High Strength ACR Tube
pdf, 993 kb

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