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Luvata website modifications

Luvata Group is reaching the end of its term of ownership under Nordic Capital and has sold most of its divisions.  As a result, we have made modifications to our website to reflect these changes.  These changes include:


  • For information concerning Luvata Tubes North America, specifically operations in Franklin, KY USA and Monterrey, Mexico,  please continue to visit www.luvata.com.


  • For information concerning the previous Heat Transfer Solutions division (coils, coolers and coatings) now under ownership of Modine Manufacturing Company, please visit www.modine.com


  • For information concerning the previous Special Products division (superconductors, welding products, special alloys, anodes, PV ribbon, wires, rods, busbars, etc.,) now under ownership of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, please visit www.mmluvata.com.


  • For previous Luvata Tubes operations in Thailand and China, now under ownership of Zhejiang Hailiang Co. Ltd., please visit www.hailiang.us/

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