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Luvata announces official opening of multi-million dollar copper-tube manufacturing plant

Plant fills niche for fast and frequent delivery of copper tube

(November 3, 2009).   Luvata, the leading manufacturer of tubes, coils and coolers for the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry, today announced the official opening of its multi-million dollar copper-tube manufacturing plant in the Monterrey area of Nuevo Leon Mexico.  The new facility, within close proximity to several key customers, will focus on delivering fast and frequent orders of copper tube to both large OEM manufacturers and smaller local customers in the air-conditioning and heating industry.

“Despite a challenging year for the industry, Luvata has continued to invest in its Monterrey facility. This investment combined with the fact that several customers have accelerated the transfer of production volume to Mexico, presents in a great opportunity for Monterrey,” said Ron Beal, Executive Vice-President of Luvata’s Tubes Business Unit.

The new facility includes 180,000 square feet for plant operations and almost 6,000 square feet of office space.  “The facility includes a self-serving water treatment plant used to reclaim the gray water from the local waste treatment facility,” states Pieter Keyzer, Director of Operations at Luvata Monterrey.  “The discharge water is retreated and then recycled through the process over and over again. The surrounding area is arid and water is scarce, therefore by minimizing consumption from the local water table we are able to minimize our impact on the surrounding environment and nearby residents. The water reclamation site was a key priority for the Monterrey facility.”

Luvata’s new plant is positioned to compliment its existing facility in Franklin, Kentucky, and to serve as a strategic production point for the Group’s customers both in Mexico and the US.  Luvata Franklin will continue to be the solutions provider of high value engineered roll and weld products, such as alloyed tube or welded tube products while Luvata Monterrey will deliver copper tube using Luvata’s own cast-and-roll technology.  The Luvata Mexico facility will also offer the continuous 1-ton Tube-In-A-CubeTM (TIACTM) package – a solution which requires fewer changeovers in downstream manufacturing, resulting in less scrap and greater uptime on equipment.

“Our combined strength lies in our people and our process technology.  With our industry knowledge, our customer relationships, and these two facilities working together, we will reinforce our leadership position in the market place,“ said Ron Beal, Executive Vice-President of Luvata’s Tubes Division.  “Our ability to provide a wide range of product solutions within the HVACR industry will help to maintain Luvata’s position as the supplier of choice for our customers.“
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