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Luvata Söderköping

Luvata plant in Söderköping

For more than 70 years, Luvata Söderköping has been developing and manufacturing heat exchangers and coolers for ventilation and industrial applications. Each year we deliver more than 60 000 heat exchangers to customers world wide.

In addition to heating, cooling and heat recovery in ventilation systems, our heat exchangers are used for the indirect cooling of industrial equipment such as power transformers, power generators, large electrical motors and stationary diesel engines. 

In early 2009 Coiltech AB was renamed Luvata Söderköping AB.


Modern production

Our extensive product range is characterised by technical expertise, high regard to quality, modern design and manufacturing flexibility. Based on modern production equipment we manufacture high quality products with long lifespans. Our continuous development and our testing facilities guarantee that our products are at the forefront on the market.


Quality and the Environment

Quality and environment are very important success factors. In order to meet our high quality objectives, the entire chain must function in both production and administration. We therefore work in a process-oriented manner with well-documented procedures and follow-up of all elements of our business.

Luvata Söderköping's management system is certified according to following certificates:

Heat exchangers are installed in many different environments. They can be used for indoor ventilation or for industrial applications. As well as our extensive standard range of products, our experts can design tailor-made solutions for non-standard applications. Whether standard or bespoke, our policy of continuous development and our testing facilities ensure that our products are at the forefront of technological advances and are built for durability and reliability.


Heat Exchangers for Industry and Ventilation


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Luvata Söderköping AB

(formerly Coiltech AB)
Industrigatan 2, SE-614 81 SÖDERKÖPING, Sweden
Tel: +46 121 191 00
Fax: +46 121 101 01
Email: luvata.soderkoping@luvata.com

Driving instructions to Luvata Soderkoping (map)


Luvata Service Solutions

Email: servicesolutions@luvata.com


Sales department

Linus Magnusson, Industrial EMEA
Tel. +46 121 19189, linus.magnusson@luvata.com

Benjamin Verschaeve, Industrial EMEA
Tel. +32 9 218 71 32, benjamin.verschaeve@luvata.com

Ed te Beest, Industrial EMEA
Tel. +31 653 704 634, ed.te.beest@luvata.com

Mats Carlbring, Industrial EMEA
Tel. +46 121 191 24, mats.carlbring@luvata.com

Gustav Zackrisson, Industrial EMEA
Tel. +46 121 191 54, gustav.zackrisson@luvata.com

Joakim Lindmark, Industrial EMEA
Tel. +46 121 19115, joakim.lindmark@luvata.com

Annika Omholt, Marketing Communications Manager
Tel. +46 121 192 40, annika.omholt@luvata.com

COILS Software

Luvata's computer programme COILS helps you select the optimal heat exchanger or cooler.

Luvata COILS programme



For conditions with the most stringent requirements, Luvata introduces the new High-grade process cooler (HGPC)

Luvata Service Solutions

Presenting the Luvata Söderköping Service Solutions.

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Service Solutions in Swedish

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