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Luvata Franklin

Luvata Franklin

Luvata Franklin is located in Kentucky just north of Nashville, Tennessee and manufactures high performance tube, hairpins, corrosion solutions, and high-pressure alloy tube UNILLOY® for the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry (ACR).

Franklin focuses on delivering higher value added products and product development to exceed the needs of our customers focused on material costs and increasing energy efficiency and performance.

Applications for inner grooved ACR Tubes

  • Air-conditioning (residential and commercial)
  • Refrigeration (commercial and transport)
  • Heat-exchanger manufacturing (all HVAC/R segments)

Luvata products manufactured in Franklin, Kentucky:


Ask us about:

  • Tinned hairpins
  • High performance products
  • UNITUBE® - Luvata's standard DHP copper tube is available as hairpins, smooth or inner-grooved tube.  UNITUBE® can also be tin coated with Luvata's T-Proof® corrosion resistant coating.
  • Applications for UNILLOY® - UNILLOY is a specially configured alloy for ACR and is patent pending.  It is targeted to reduce metal content and enable the use of new high-pressure refrigerants.


Luvata Franklin, Inc.

4720 Bowling Green Road
Franklin, Kentucky 42134, United States
Phone: +270 586 8201



Product Brochures

2VXH Datasheet TIAC Datasheet T-Proof Datasheet
2VXH Datasheet
High Performance Tube
pdf, 1312 kb
TIAC Datasheet
New World Class Package pdf, 1203 kb
T-Proof Datasheet
Coating technology addresses formicary corrosion pdf, 1600 kb
UNIGUARD Datasheet UNILITE Datasheet UNILLOY Datasheet
UNIGUARD Datasheet
Alloy address formicary corrosion pdf, 1314 kb
UNILITE Datasheet
Tube designs address
raw material cost
pdf, 1242 kb
UNILLOY Datasheet
High Strength ACR Tube
pdf, 993 kb

Luvata Franklin, Inc. Terms and Conditions of Sale pdf, 73 kb    


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Formicary Corrosion

Luvata 4221 alloy UNIGUARD® tubing has been shown to be at least 25 times more effective against formicary corrosion than the standard DHP (CA122) alloy.

Herringbone Crosshatch High Performance Tube

Independent lab tests confirm the Luvata herringbone cross-hatch tube (2V-XH) to be at least 2 times more effective than the best competitor in condensation heat transfer coefficient.

Tube-in-a-cube package

Luvata's revolutionary tube-in-a-cube TIAC® package offers uniform lateral wind, returnable skid and up to 5' high X 48" diameter coils, depending on product type.

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