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Luvata’s ECO range of coils, coolers and cleaners covers every segment of the air conditioning and refrigeration sector. We are the world’s leading producer of finned pack heat exchangers and a major player in the field of air ventilated units for refrigeration.

Our technical innovation, our state-of-the-art industrial processes our commitment to environmental responsibility have made us the partner of choice for many of the key players in the HVAC&R sector.

Luvata’s ECO products are produced in Europe, China and North America so we can support our customers globally.



Luvata Italy Srl

(formerly ECO Srl)

Via Giulio Locatelli 22, 33050 Pocenia (Udine) Italy
Telephone +39 0432.772.001, Telefax +39 0432.779.594

ECO Heat Exchangers and Air Units

We have a large capacity to manufacture Luvata's ECO products. So much so that we develop roughly 3,000 new projects each year and we estimate that we have produced more than 80,000 different coils since we began making them over thirty years ago.

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Are you a new customer? Have you got any contact at ECO? For quotations or information about our products and services, fill in the form with the details required: the sales manager in charge of your geographical area will immediately contact you or redirect your query to one of our partners.

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Our quality customer service is an easy and direct tool you can use to submit your queries on quality matters or to call our attention on conformity issues you have come across. Fill in the form, entering all the required details. Our technical dept. will promptly provide specific support and effective advice.

Brochures and Product Sheets

To view our brochures and products sheets, visit the Luvata document library



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ECO group merged with Luvata in 2007. The merger makes Luvata a world leader in the free coils and coolers market. In the coils and coolers sector, Luvata has a major market base in North America with operations in Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, California, Florida and Mexico. In addition, it has a significant position in Europe and a growing presence in China.

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