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Tubes for Radio Frequency Cables

Luvata manufactures smooth tubes for radio frequency cables from oxygen-free copper. These tubes have high electric conductivity (IACS 100%) and are used as the inner conductors in the cables.


We offer a range of dimensions to suit the different applications of radio frequency cables. Our production methods allow us to produce the cable in much longer coil lengths than are standard - up to 6,000 metres long.

Luvata's benefits for the radio frequency cable industry

  • Oxygen-free material (IACS 100%)
  • A wide range of dimensions
  • Large coils (up to 6,000 meter long coils)
  • World-wide technical support

Radio frequency coaxial cable is used in:

  • Mobile telephones
  • Pagers
  • VHF, UHF and trunked radios
  • Wireless LANs
  • New generation of personal communications (PCS) systems

Oxygen-free material (IACS 100%)

OF-Cu / C10200

A wide range of dimensions

OD: 5.00 - 22.00 mm; Wall thickness: 0.25 - 2.4 mm

Large coils (up to 6,000 metre long coils)

Two types of Layer-Wound Coil (LWC) packaging, Horizontal or Vertical

Oxygen-free copper for best electrical conductivity

Luvata's OF-Cu copper tubes are excellent options for high-frequency coaxial cables used for wireless communication systems.  As these cables are used to transmit a large amount of data, it is essential to choose material with the best properties in terms of electrical conductivity.

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