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Advanced Heat Transfer Surfaces

Herringbone Crosshatch surface

Luvata works continuously with our partners to make more efficient heat transfer systems while saving on raw material costs.  We use our alloy know-how along with our heat transfer expertise to deliver high performance tube.

Global requirements for energy efficiency in air conditioning systems are becoming more stringent.  Luvata is leading the way through continuous development of advanced heat transfer tube surfaces. 


Herringbone Crosshatch™ (2V-XH™)

The 'V' shaped grooves are embossed on the inner surface along the longitudinal direction of the tube. The crosshatch channels reduce the flow resistance on the inner surface causing lower pressure drop. 

In a light-commercial application, the standard production tube was replaced with Luvata Herringbone Crosshatch tube in a condenser for a rooftop unit.  The switch reduced the number of coil rows from
3 to 2.

In residential air-conditioning applications, condensers were redesigned using Luvata Herringbone Crosshatch tube.  Compared with the baseline units, the new systems were 20% smaller in size, saved 30% in raw material costs and used 40% less refrigerant charge.



The unique tube design of UNILITE delivers reduced raw material costs over conventional inner grooved ACR tubes.   

The 'V' shaped grooves are embossed on the inner surface along the longitudinal direction of a tube.  The heat transfer enhancement is due to the thin film layer created by the surface tension and continuous distrubance in the thin refrigerant liquid layer by the unique surface structure.

UNILITE has been found to be at least equal to or slightly more effective than the competitors helical in condensation heat transfer coefficient. 


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