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Copper Alloy Wire

At Luvata we have a thorough understanding of metal flow and plastic deformation. Our cutting edge UPCAST® technology has enabled us to supply the most demanding copper and copper alloy wire to a variety of industries.

This means that we produce wires and strips for a wide variety of applications. These range from electronic pins and terminals, cold heading, telecoms and relay bobbins to buttons and fasteners and spectacle hinges.

Luvata's Copper alloy wires include:

  • Brass Wire
  • Bronze Wire
  • Copper Wire
  • Aluminum Bronze Wire
  • Silicon Bronze Wire
  • Copper Infiltration Wire

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Meeting the most exacting tolerance demands

Whether you are manufacturing a deck wood screw or an intricate fastener for an aerospace application, Luvata can supply copper alloy wire requiring even the most exacting tolerance demands. What is more, our expert team of metallurgists will work with you to ensure your product is successful in its application.

Luvata’s process knowledge and thorough understanding of metal flow and plastic deformation allows our customers the ability to choose wire over strip in numerous applications where wire is a more attractive solution. 

By choosing wire our customers have increased yields and decreased scrap in a wide array of cold heading applications including small-calibre, recreational ammunition to electronic pins and terminals for the automotive, telecommunication and power distribution end markets.

Copper alloy wire for cold heading applications can be produced in diameter ranges from 0.040” to 0.934”.


Sunwire - Photovoltaic ribbon

Sunwire® is Luvata’s branded photovoltaic solar ribbon. It is the straightest, softest and flattest photovoltaic ribbon available on the market today. Read more about Sunwire »


Visit even the Sunwire Calculator to refine your solar ribbon needs for improved module efficiency and reduce overall material costs.

Welding wire

Luvata produces welding wire Luvaweld® - a superior quality MIG and braze welding wire. Read more about welding wire »

Wire for zippers

The teeth of the zipper of most leading clothing brands comes from Luvata's wire. Read more about wire for zippers »

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