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Heat Exchangers

Customers looking for a single coil or a million, custom-designed coils, look to Luvata. Our knowledge of tube pitch, placement and material construction, fin size, range, surface and material construction deliver precise and predictable performance. For OEM, replacement or retrofit customers, Luvata offers the broadest of propositions.

Luvata's flexible manufacturing platform including expert design services, prototype programs and full production capabilities are available to meet customers' unique coil requirements.

Heat exchange coils offered by Luvata include:

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions division

Important Notice

On 30th of November 2016, Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions (HTS) Division was purchased by Modine Manufacturing Company. All information on this page is the property of Modine Manufacturing Company.

For the convenience of customers, these pages will continue to be hosted by Luvata while transition work continues.

These pages will transfer to www.modine.com on 31th May 2017.

Visit www.modine.com for more details.

3 million coils yearly

Luvata produces over 3 million heat-exchange coils per year.


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Luvata offers a wide variety of software programs to determine the best coil configuration to meet your specific efficiency needs.

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