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A/C Service Equipment

A/C Service Equipment

We produce service equipment for the charging and maintenance of air-conditioning systems in cars, heavy goods vehicles and agricultural and marine applications.

Benefits with Luvata's A/C Service Equipment:

  • Efficient
  • Extremely durable
  • Comply with European safety standards
  • Ergonomic design for easy use
  • Stylish design


A/C Service Equipment product line:

Silver Futura Diag


Tronic S Futura

Logic S Futura

Business Futura

Tronic HD S Futura


Silver Futura Diag

Silver Futura DiagThe Silver Futura Diag is our top-of-the range service machine.

Silver Futura Diag features:

  • flushing and automatic filling hose emptying functions
  • software and a database which can be updated through a proprietary memory card
  • a graphic printer with repetition of last report
  • a 100 litre powered system vacuum pump
  • a 27.2 litre internal container
  • available in red, blue, green and silver

In response to customer demand and to minimise the impact on the environment, we have also included a gas in/out monthly report with this machine.


Ice Star

Ice StarIce Star is a machine designed for car A/C systems that employ new refrigerant 1234yf and, with a different configuration, for installations that operate with R134a. The Ice Star fully complies with European and American standards governing safety and environmental issues. Thanks to a meticulous design and to carefully selected components, the Ice Star guarantees maximum performance and quality.

In addition to the features included on the Silver Futura Diag model, the Ice Star also offers:

  • 2 recovery modes 
  • 3 possibilities of oil injection (PAG; oil container with quick coupler; POE for maintenance of hybrid vehicles)
  • 3 service alarms
  • standard USB port for database update. Wi-Fi and Ethernet upon request
  • wide range of extras.

Available from January 2011.


Business Futura

Business FuturaThe Business Futura is a semi-automatic system which performs recovery and recycling, oil separation, vacuum leak testing, oil injection and R134a refrigerant refilling. It is not only stylish but practical; it is easy to use and easy to move, even over rough ground.

Business Futura features:

  • advising acoustic emitter
  • a 100 litre powered system vacuum pump
  • 80 mm diameter manometers
  • wide display
  • available in red, blue, green and silver


Tronic S Futura 

Tronic S FuturaThe Tronic S Futura is a strong, reliable and technically advanced machine. It can be used either manually or automatically to perform recovery and recycling, oil separation, vacuum leak testing,  oil injection and R134a refrigerant refilling functions.

It contains a database which does not need updating, which allows the operator to perform accurate servicing according to the car manufacturer’s specifications.

Tronic S Futura features:

  • ergonomic handles
  • four large revolving wheels
  • a 100 litre powered system vacuum pump
  • user friendly keyboard
  • wide hose storage pocket
  • available in red, blue, green and silver.


Tronic HD S Futura

Tronic HD S FuturaThe Tronic HD S Futura was designed for the maintenance of large commercial and industrial air conditioning systems. It can be used either manually or automatically to perform recovery and recycling, oil separation, vacuum leak testing, oil injection and R134a refrigerant refilling functions.

Tronic HD S Futura features:

  • 4,000 mm charging hoses 
  • a 226 litre high flow rate vacuum pump
  • a 40 litre internal container
  • available in red, blue, green and silver.


Logic S Futura

The Logic S Futura is a tough machine, reliable and easy to use, with alphanumerical display. Fully automated for functions of recovery, recycling, air purge, oil drainage and gas charging, it offers manual oil and tracer injection operations.

Logic S Futura features:

  • 3,000 mm charging hoses 
  • a 100 litre powered system vacuum pump
  • available in silver.

We can supply all the parts and accessories needed to accompany the service equipment, from oil and leak detection liquid to hoses, filters and safety kit.

How to order

Click the "contact us" link next to the main image for contact details.

PART NUMBER 7000260035
Leak detection liquid 12 pcs 7,5 ml SAE J2297
PART NUMBER 7000260057
Leak detection liquid with measure bottle 250 ml SAE J2297 
PART NUMBER 7000260460
UV dye injector
PART NUMBER 7000260174
Leak detection kit (lamp 60 W, glasses, leak detection liquid 12 pcs) 
PART NUMBER 7000260490
Flexible lamp 36 W with glasses
PART NUMBER 7000260300

PART NUMBER 7000260420
PAG oil with leak detection liquid ISO 100 250 ml

PART NUMBER 7000260430
PAG oil ISO 46 250 ml

PART NUMBER 7000260440
PAG oil ISO 100 250 ml

PART NUMBER 7000260450
PAG oil ISO 150 250 m

PART NUMBER 7000260470
Oil injector

PART NUMBER 7000260320
Condenser cleaner spray

PART NUMBER 7000260310
Evaporator antibacterial spray for bad smells

PART NUMBER 7000260330
UV dye remover spray

PART NUMBER 7450007200
R134a flushing kit
PART NUMBER 7000260510
Nitrogen flushing kit
PART NUMBER 7503100005
Nitrogen tank
PART NUMBER 7000260480
A/C leaks sealant filter
PART NUMBER 7000260210
Retrofit kit R12/R134a
PART NUMBER 7000260228
Retrofit kit connection hose
PART NUMBER 7000260370
Digital thermometer
PART NUMBER 7000260360
Thermometer with hygrometer for diagnosis
PART NUMBER 7400003500
Manometers manifold R134a R404a R507 R407c
PART NUMBER 7450090040
Refrigerant tank adpters

PART NUMBER 7000260340
Standard O-ring kit




PART NUMBER 7000260350
Special O-ring kit




PART NUMBER 7000260410
Fin straightener
PART NUMBER 7000260400
Schroeder valve remover tool

PART NUMBER 7450091111
Safety kit




PART NUMBER 3281220108
Measuring container 240 ml

PART NUMBER 7601992000
A/C plants data base

PART NUMBER 7450000836
HP quick coupler

PART NUMBER 7000260520
HP BP quick couplers straights

PART NUMBER 7450000834
LP quick coupler

PART NUMBER 7000260530
Additive hoses kit HP BP 2 m
PART NUMBER 7000100037
Vacuum pump oil 0,5 Kg

PART NUMBER 7420000218
Heating belt for tank 10 Kg

PART NUMBER 7420000215
Heating belt for tank 20 Kg, 35 Kg

PART NUMBER 7301500140
Thermal paper 58 mm 4 pcs

PART NUMBER 7450091150
Dust cover

PART NUMBER 7450091170
Dust cover FUTURA

PART NUMBER 7450000250
Oil calibration weights kit
PART NUMBER 7450000275
Refrigerant calibration weights kit
PART NUMBER 7000260290
Liquid spray to wash equipment

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Environmental Responsibility

At Luvata we are conscious that disposal of refrigerants from cooling systems can have a negative impact on the environment. Our air conditioning service equipment is designed to recover and re-utilise refrigerants avoiding their dispersion into the atmosphere.

ISC Systems production facility

Luvata's A/C Service Equipment production facility is located in Amaro, Italy.

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